Credit card fraud is down in the Tri-Cities

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Credit card numbers are being compromised all the time through massive data breaches. But banks say, they're actually seeing less credit card fraud. So even if your number is stolen, it doesn't mean it will be used.

Bonnie Moon was shocked the day her credit card was declined.
Her daughter had permission to use it.

"She calls me up and says 'mom, what's going on?!" said Bonnie.

Her daughter had tried to check out at a local retail store and her mom's credit card was declined.

"I called the company and they said 'it looks like you may have fraudulent activity on it. She goes, 'have you been over to the east coast lately?' and I go 'nooo none of that,'" laughed Bonnie.

Thankfully, Bonnie's bank caught the fraud before too much damage could be done.

"Really for me it was pretty painless except for my daughter getting stuck at the store. My financial institution was really watching out," said Bonnie.

And banks watching out may be part of the reason credit card fraud may actually be declining.

"The system that the banks and credit card issuers are deploying to detect unusual activity and suspend a card are reducing at least the magnitude of fraud cases," said Community First Bank CEO Eric Pearson.

Banks are seeing fewer fraud cases, but these aren't always tracked effectively by police.Most people don't report it as a crime.They just call their bank.

One way to limit fraud might not be the same advice you'd get from your accountant: open more credit cards.

Use one for online spending, another for daily spending, etc.

"This allows you to limit the impact if fraud should occur," said Pearson.

Shred anything with your card number on it, change your passwords frequently, and watch when you're giving your card number over the phone. You never know who's listening when you're giving your card number to the pizza guy.

All of these are ways you can help yourself avoid becoming a victim of credit card fraud.