Could the dirt pit in Richland on G-Way finally be filled?

Could the dirt pit in Richland on G-Way finally be filled? »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. - It just doesn't seem to go away, talk about what's going on with the big pit on George Washington Way in Richland. KEPR told you about a new business park coming in, but no dirt has been moved.

You see it driving into Richland, can't help but notice it on your way out, the big hole is just waiting for you near the corner of Jadwin and G-Way.

Neighbor Penny Williamson said, "It's really, really sad. It's not a very good introduction to the city. They drive into town and go, eww, really? Ha!"

She remembers when the hole was the old community center.

"We had parties there. We had proms there. We had dinner parties there. I mean, it was like the social gathering place," she said.

Now, it's a crater of its former self.

Earlier this year, a citizen filed a complaint with code enforcement, hoping to jump-start the rehab process.

It actually forced the builder to go public, unveiling their plans for Spectrum Park, a tech-hub with Silicon Valley flavor.

Brian Moore is a project manager for Richland. He said, "The big thing I was working on coming into this was getting that site moving forward."

He's been with Richland for just over a year. It's his job to make sure the city continues to grow in the right direction.

"Sometimes it takes just the right sort of chemistry between the people involved to get these kinds of projects going," he said.

A deal could be signed in just a few months. The developer is working on final plans to include the property that housed the old CHREST museum.

Neighbors like Penny say, something needs to happen.

"I don't care if it's a nice little mall or a little park or a little restaurant. It needs to be something," she said.

She hopes it's something to make neighbors proud.

If all goes well, you could see building start by early spring.