Controlling traffic on Steptoe Street

Controlling traffic on Steptoe Street
RICHLAND, Wash. - Kennewick and Richland have worked out the details of managing traffic for an intersection they share.

Traffic on Steptoe Street crossing Center Parkway is starting to pick up now that the extension was punched through.

Officials say once the Parkway Center is extended to Rachel Road a new signal light will have to go in.

Kennewick will pay for the equipment..both cities will foot the electric bill.

Drivers tell us a light should have been put up when the street opened.

Rich Anema drives in this area every day. He said,"It's a little bit dangerous, it's a little bit, uh, yeah you come out of Center Parkway and you take your chances getting across that intersection."

By splitting the cost both cities will save money once the light goes up.