Construction to start near Road 68

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PASCO, Wash. -- Work begins next week on Road 68 in Pasco. The goal is to make things safer.

Sarah Hurley takes an unusual route to work.

She said, "I go through and down, around – oh yeah, I have my own little..."

Getting to Salon Savvy off Burden Boulevard in west Pasco is anything but easy. It's just a few blocks down from the corner of Road 68, arguably one of the most congested areas in town. It's why Pasco is redoing the entire corridor.

At the top of the list: fixing the intersection that has four times the amount of crashes of anywhere in the state, Burden and Clemente Lane.

The solution's simple. The city is going to put an island right where the two streets meet, so cars can't make a left onto Burden. They're going to take it a step further by also extending the median, making a protected lane and creating a barrier so no cars can get across.

The traffic and lack of turn lanes make this stretch of road dangerous. Officials say this was one of your biggest concerns.

The big chunk of grass in the middle of Burden will be gone. The median will be slimmed down and more left-hand turn lanes will be added. New signal lights with timers adjusted will keep the steady flow of cars moving.

The asphalt itself will be re-stripped. The westbound lanes leading up to the corner of Road 68 will change. Two lanes will now be dedicated to left turns only. One lane will go straight toward Wal-Mart. There'll be one just for right turns.

If you are heading towards the intersection in the opposite direction, the signal light changes will take care of the turns.

"I hope they make it better because it can't get much worse," said Sarah.

The plans are to keep you safe as you move through town.

The city will host a community meeting to prepare you for these changes Thursday at City Hall at 6 p.m.

Officials are hoping all construction work in this area will be done by Labor Day.