Connell shooting suspect in court

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - KEPR is learning more about the murder in Connell that claimed the life of a Pasco man. The suspect, and two others involved made their first court appearance Tuesday.

Fernando Gonzalez will sit in jail until he has his day in court.
The 18-year old is being held on a quarter million dollars bail for killing John Bounhomsavanh.

Court documents describe a bloody scene at an apartment complex in Connell.

Police were called to Columbia Apartments on East Birch. By the time they got there, cops found Johnny Vongvilay uttering, "he shot my hommie, he shot my hommie, he didn't even go inside." He is also in custody.

Paramedics tried CPR, even cut Bouhomsavanh's shirt off. He was hit by a single gunshot wound and died a short time later.

Just what happened is still unclear. Court papers say Gonzalez told them he interrupted a burglary and pulled a gun he referred to as "dirty," or bought off the streets.

Later, police say he told them the two men were knocking on his door, it flew open, he punched one man and shot the other.

A third person in custody, Jose Carcamo, arrived to the scene sometime later.

Both Carcamo and Vongvilay are being held on burglary charges while police sort out exactly what happened Monday afternoon at a Connell apartment complex.

All three men will be formally arraigned next week.