Concrete letters to be replaced in Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Richland now says no school money will be spent to replace the concrete letters removed from Fran Rish and Carmichael middle.

Superintendent Rick Schulte is now investigating just how this whole thing started.

There still aren't any clear answers as to how and why this happened or who made the decision.

Many in the community were outraged that the decades old letters were removed without a public discussion.

District administrators and board members say they didn't know about the demolition.

No one seems to know who ordered the backhoes to break up the concrete and pull it out.

The school board president says the right thing to do is take responsibility and get the letters re-installed.

School board president Rick Jansens said, "The right thing to do and the reason We apologized, we're the leadership. We're apologizing on behalf of the district and we're going to help make it right."

He put up $500 of his own money for the restoration. Private donations are expected to supply the rest.