Caregivers want higher wages

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WASHINGTON - Home care aides and nursing home workers want a raise. They're on a bus touring the state to ask state lawmakers for a pathway to a $15 wage.

The 3 day tour started in Seattle and will end in Spokane. They made their way to the Tri-Cities.

Care givers from Yakima and the lower valley joined up with the tour in Richland. Union reps are calling for new legislation to provide what they call a livable wage. According to state statistics provided by the care givers union, 40,000 caregivers live in poverty.

Care giver Nelly Prito said, "I take great pride in being able to take care of someone who want to be at home and cannot care for themselves."

Jackson Holtz is a union rep. He said, "Caregivers need respect, they need awareness and they need better wages so that they can keep them in this profession."

The starting wage is at $10.50 per hour. Last month union members and state labor negotiators started talks for a new contract.