Candlelight vigil held for Monique Williams

Candlelight vigil held for Monique Williams »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- A candlelight vigil was held Friday night to remember Monique Williams, the woman police say was killed by her ex-boyfriend Aaron Newport.

Friends and family gathered in John Dam Plaza as the sun went down, lighting candles and sharing stories about the 28-year-old victim of domestic violence.

“We’re going to fight for her,” said one friend as she choked back tears. “We're going to say the things she can't.”

Benton Franklin Domestic Violence Services Director Erinn Gailey talked to KEPR about domestic violence in our community.

“One of the things that we know about domestic violence is that women are most likely to be killed during or after the process of leaving or ending a relationship,” said Gailey. “So, the very point when people do exactly what you hope they do – they break up, they call and end the relationship – may actually be the most dangerous and vulnerable time for them.”

Williams was working as a nurse in the Kadlec cardiac unit at time of her death.