Building up Duportail Street in Richland

Building up Duportail Street in Richland »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- Richland is closer to making the Duportail Bridge a reality. The groundwork is laid, and now millions of dollars are rolling in. With that bridge comes a revamped section of town.

Drivers in Richland know how crazy it can be to get from the Bypass to Queensgate.

Heather Rex said, "I'm always afraid I'm going to get into a car accident everyday. Just people merging going back and forth."

It's why Richland has been working for years to get the Duportail Bridge built. Nearly $2 million in grant money has come in. Now it's time to get the ball rolling, starting with infrastructure.

To get an idea of where we're talking about, you can get to where the bridge will be right off Duportail and the 240, near those new Mosaic apartments along the river. At the end of the road, the bridge will take you over the Yakima River and lead you to the Richland Walmart without taking 182 or sitting in the traffic back up off Wellsian Way.

For Heather, the straight shot across town would be life-changing.

She said, "If nothing else, it would save so much gas and time. I have two little kids that I sit with in the car for 20-minute commutes back and forth, so practically an hour everyday."

A big part of the project means building up the lower half of Duportail. It will be transformed from a two-lane road to nothing short of a main thoroughfare.

The nearly $3 million project will pay for more lanes, wider intersections, signal lights and sidewalks. A new road will take Duportail down the hill, eventually ending up between Fred Meyer and Goodwill.

A roundabout will be built in the intersection of Duportail Street and Thayer Drive.

The first signs of work on Duportail, including the bridge, will happen next year.

Work starts this summer on Stevens Drive. This will begin near the area where Duportail will be extended.