Body found behind a shed in Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Police are investigating a body found in the brush off Fowler Street in Richland.

Neighbors out on an a walk called police saying they thought they smelled something decomposing near a shed. Police say the neighbors stopped short of where the body was found, not sure of what it actually was. It was covered by debris. They waited for police to investigate

Sgt. Brian Ruegsegger said, "Officers got here and they went back behind the shed and you could see enough, a foot, maybe a limb and confirmed it is a body back there. They're just in their initial phase. They're going to start doing some casting of foot prints they've seen back there."

Investigators say they aren't sure how long the body has been there.

Official release of the person's identity, including the age and gender may be released tomorrow. Information on the cause of death is pending.

The family of missing man Cody Mason released a statement on Facebook saying they were on the scene and identified the body as his.

Again this information has yet to be confirmed.