Benton County Sheriff's gets new K-9

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BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - The Benton County Sheriff's Department welcomed a new officer to the force today. It's the second K-9 to assist fellow officers.

Meet Egon, the 3-year old German Shepherd who's actually from Germany. He was picked up in November for about $9000.

Egon and his human partner went through 400 hours of training with Kennewick PD.

This is no ordinary dog, he's actually considered bi-lingual.

His handler, Dep. Brett Hansen said, "He's trained for 2 years in German. When he came here we just stuck with those commands and then at home he kind of picks up on other stuff in English so it hasn't been too hard."

Egon will be assigned to two-patrols as part of his street crimes work.