Benton City plans to overhaul the city

Benton City plans to overhaul the city »Play Video
BENTON CITY, Wash. -- After weeks of rocky headlines, officials are moving forward with plans to revitalize Benton City.

Students from Eastern Washington University have been working with officials on the overhaul plans.

A theme for downtown will be selected. Buildings will get a new façade to match.

Plans are in the works for a new city hall as well as sidewalks and landscaping.

Neighbors and officials say it's time to turn Benton City into a destination.

Maeleena Darling is a longtime resident and business owner. She said, "It does matter; it matters very much to me. I love to see businesses coming in. I'd love to see people that know how to market."

Larry Howell with the city said, "The whole purpose to revitalize is to give new energy and life to businesses."

The empty land under the highway towards Kiona will also be developed.

Changes may come as soon as next year.