Baby in danger during dog attack

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RICHLAND, Wash. - A woman is hoping to find the dog that attacked her pet in Howard Amon. The trouble came dangerously close to a baby.

The dog owner took of and now the victim is hitting a brick wall in his attempt to find that person.

Anna was there with her Chihuahua and had a bad feeling about the guy who sat down near her with his dogs. She felt like he might have been training the dogs to tolerate small dogs and babies. Anna says her tiny dog was attacked, unprovoked.

"He bit her once on the ground, kinda lifted her up a little bit," she said.

Anna's baby was on a blanket just inches away. She rushed to scoop up baby Timmy while her friend tried to rescue the dog from being bitten again.

Anna continues,"The second time, while she was in the arms of my friend already. This is where the sound came, just agony, horrible blood curdling sounds."

She says the dogs were not restrained. She tried to get the man's name and number after the attack, but he provided a fake number. Anna quickly snapped a photo of the man and his dogs. Then, he took off.

Anna's friend managed to get a picture of a partial license plate to call police.

Animal control tells us they did file a police report. We checked with RPD. They say it hasn't come across their desk yet. It typically gets filed with the city attorney's office.

Despite the partial plate, police don't have the man hours to research this right now. So Anna needs your help.

She said, "I just want to know what do you do in this situation. Who helps you? Am I doing the right things? I don't know."

Little Vanilla Bean is recovering at home but Anna hopes the dog owner can be held accountable before someone else is hurt.

Vet bills were hundreds of dollars.

If you can help identify the dog owner, call Richland Police.