BFT shuts down Labor Day... Where can you find affordable rides?

BFT shuts down Labor Day... Where can you find affordable rides? »Play Video
The holiday weekend may be great for most of us...not for those who rely on public transportation.

BFT shuts down on most holidays including this Monday.

Feliks Kafiyev works two jobs. He works for Pasco Processing and he is a dishwasher at Applebees. He relies on the bus system to get to work.

"Four days out of the week I do take public transportation just to get to work because I don't have a car at the moment," said Feliks.

So what do you do when the bus system isn't running? That's the problem people like Feliks face on holidays when public transportation shuts down.

"I would usually call for a ride," shrugs Feliks.

But this Labor day... Feliks is out of luck.

"I know my dad and my uncle's working that day and I work in the morning so I don't know how i'm gonna get there," says Feliks.

Like Felik, many people don't have the option to carpool, so we looked into the most affordable rides for when public transportation is not an option.

Cab companies all over the Tri-cities vary in their rates and pickup fees.

Amigo Taxi offers flat rates for rides in Kennewick and Richland.
Depending on where you're traveling to, rides to Kennewick are usually no more than $7. In Richland, fares range from $15 to $20.

Taxi 1 offers rides all throughout the Tri-Cities. For $4.95, they'll pick you up. Charging $2.50 per mile after that. If you need a discount, they says they'll try to help.

The best deal I found was RAD CAB. Their pick up fee is $4.50 with $1.95 per mile. They also offer a twenty percent discount for people working in the service industry.

"When it comes down to it, I'm probably gonna call a taxi,"says Feliks.

To make sure you get a ride, be sure to call ahead and set up a reservation.