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YouNews deer in the meadow deer in the meadow
they were grazing in the field by our house, when we saw them, they let us get so close, we were surprised, i did use my zoom very little..




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Local Tri-Cities Airport Coming Off Spike In Gun Seizures (Video)
Security at the Tri-Cities Airport is on high alert for illegally checked firearms. More passengers are expected to fly out of Pasco as the holiday weekend approaches. And our local airport is coming off a big increase in gun seizures. KEPR discovered there are many travelers who don't know the rules about flying with guns.


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National & World (New) Morning after: Greeks united, proud of their defiance
Across the country, Greek banks remained closed and it was far from clear if a fresh bailout deal with international creditors could be reached. Yet there was pride and defiance after a victory for those who want the Greek government to reject demands for more austerity.

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Home SIU details released in Pasco OIS SIU details released in Pasco OIS (Video)
Never before seen video and drugs screens provide new information on the Pasco police shooting. The first release of the report taken by the Special Investigative Unit was made available today.
Home Consumer Reports: Best home pedicure products Consumer Reports: Best home pedicure products
The PedEgg has become wildly successful thanks to its infomercials, but Consumer Reports found battery-powered alternatives are coming onto the market.

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Technology (New) Hacking Team company appears to get hacked
An Italian surveillance company known for selling malicious software used by police bodies and spy agencies appears to have succumbed to a damaging cyberattack that sent documents and invoices ricocheting across the Internet.
Technology (New) Farm use of drones to take off as feds loosen restrictions
Drones could replace humans in a variety of ways around large farms: transmitting detailed information about crops to combines and sprayers, directing them very precisely to problem spots and cutting down on the amount of water and chemicals needed.
Technology Google's new app blunders by calling black people 'gorillas'
Google's new image-recognition program misfired badly this week by identifying two black people as gorillas, delivering a mortifying reminder that even the most intelligent machines still have lot to learn about human sensitivity.


Health Doctors propose tool to help gauge the value of cancer drugs
The pushback against soaring cancer drug prices is gaining steam. A leading doctors group on Monday proposed a formula to help patients decide if a medicine is worth it — what it will cost them and how much good it is likely to do.
Health FDA weighs target population for Amgen cholesterol drug
Federal health regulators said Monday a highly-anticipated, experimental drug from Amgen significantly lowers bad cholesterol. But officials have questions about who should take the drug and whether to approve it based on currently available data.
Health Female sex pill makes comeback with positive panel vote (Video)
Women suffering from low libido got some hope this week when a panel of health experts said the government should approve an experimental pill intended to boost sexual desire. It is the first time a government panel has endorsed such a drug. The move surprised many experts, because the Food and Drug Administration has twice rejected the drug due to lackluster effectiveness and worrisome side effects.
Health FDA panel backs female libido pill, under safety conditions
The drug industry's decade-spanning search for a female equivalent to Viagra took a major step forward Thursday, as government experts recommended approval for a pill to boost sexual desire in women.



Consumer Consumer Reports: Stopping antibiotic overuse (Video)
Though antibiotics have saved millions of lives over the years, their overuse and misuse are contributing to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. Consumer Reports says patients and doctors both have a role to play in stopping superbugs.
Consumer State lawmakers to vote on 11.9-cent gas tax increase
Lawmakers could start voting as early as Monday night on a $16.1 billion transportation revenue package that includes an 11.9-cent gas tax increase that would be phased in over two years.